RSK Entertainment development team:

Emad Rahmani

Project Manager, Director and Chief Executive Officer at RSK Entertainment

Emad Rahmani was born in 1368 (1989) in Kashan. He holds a M.A in Politics; he has managed and directed all of the projects of RSK Entertainment. He, also, has published plenty of game screenplays and essays. He, currently, is the CEO at RSK Entertainment.

Amirreza Abedini

Supervisor of the content control team, and the chief operating officer at RSK Entertainment

Amirreza Abedini was born in 1365 (1986) in Kashan. He holds an M.A in Persian language and literature; he currently works as the supervisor of the content control team and also the COO at this corporation. He started his career in the game-making business since 2009; he also, has published two books and has written 8 screenplays for games.

Mahdiyar Jahangiri

Technical Director at RSK Entertainment

Mahdiyar Jahangiri was born in 1364 (1985) in Isfahan. He holds a B.A in Software Engineering. He works as the technical director at RSK Entertainment. He’s been in the Game-making business since 2003; also, he’s been a Technical Director in some splendid projects and has created more than 10 independent games.

Ashkan Rahgozar

Art Director

Ashkan Rahgozar was born in 1365 (1986) in Tehran. He holds a M.A in Graphics; he is currently working as the art director at RSK Entertainment.

Adeleh Rahmani

Writer and Quality Supervisor at the content department of RSK Entertainment

Adeleh Rahmani was born in 1365 (1986) in Isfahan. She has a PhD in Persian language and literature. She has published several books and articles; she, also, has worked as a game screenwriter and screen editor.

Ebrahim Diba

Manager at Arts department and supervisor of the character modeling team at RSK Entertainment

Ebrahim Diba was born in 1366 (1987) in Tehran. He has an associate’s degree in Graphics; he is currently the manager of the Arts department at RSK Entertainment.

Seyyed Mohsen Moosavi Nezhad

Manager at 3D department of RSK Entertainment

Seyyed Mohsen Moosavi Nezhad was born in 1366 (1987) in Qom. He holds a B.A in Cinema Arts; he has created more than 1000 minutes of Animation and managed all of the 3D modeling projects at RSK Entertainment.

Payam Arabzadeh

Technical 3D-graphics Supervisor

Payam Arabzadeh was born in 1373 (1994). He holds a B.A in software Engineering.

Mohammad Hasani

Game designing Supervisor

Mohammad Hasani was born in 1373 (1994). He is studying Game designing. He has been designing levels for company’s titles.

Seyyed Milad Siyadat

Senior Manager at music department and Chief Financial Officer at RSK Entertainment

Seyyed Milad Siyadat was born in 1369 (1990) in Isfahan. He has studied Civil Engineering and has been conducting sound recording/editing for all of the projects in this company. He is now the CFO at RSK Entertainment.

Soheila Saeed

Narrative psychologist and Production Advisor at RSK Entertainment

Soheila Saeed was born in 1368 (1989) in Rafsanjan. She holds a M.A in Clinical Psychology. Currently, she works as a production advisor for all of the titles of the company; also, she is the screenwriter of “The pursuit of Solace” (Dar Jost-o-juye Aramesh). Moreover, she plays an important role in psychological analysis of Islamic narrative stories.

Shirin Fakhri

Senior Modeler

Shirin Fakhri was born in 1364 (1985) in Behbahan. He holds a B.A in Graphics; she currently works as the senior modeler and quality supervisor at RSK Entertainment.

Aidin Noori

Business Manager at RSK Entertainment

Aidin Noori was born in 1373 (1994) in Mashhad. He is studying Software Engineering. He has 5 years of experience in the field of video games. He was awarded the best referee in Indie developers festival. He also was the editor in chief for Persian Games magazine; has made some simple games and is still making some other.

Nazanin Noori

Translation Manager

Nazanin Noori was born in 1371 (1992) in Tehran. She holds a B.A. in English Language and Literature, and she is studying as a Masters student. She has translated several articles and teen novels.

Dark Years key features:


The main plot synopsis is based on the documents of The Organization of Contemporary History. For instance, a corresponding gameplay and narrative exist in the events of Colonel Afshar Tous’s Martyrdom or plotting the coup by the Retired Officers Association led by Zahedi which is in fact considered a victory and there is no deprivation of history of any sort. Efforts have been made to keep the desired direction by adding a sense of drama.


The plot line of the game stands firm on a thrilling historical narrative of the period in which the 1953 coup was about to take place and is based on the studies conducted by the Organization of Islamic Revolution Documents and Professors of the faculty of Law and Politics in University of Tehran. As a result, contrary to works that are devoid of identity and research, more than 450 pages of historical documents have been provided for this game which is done by a qualified team of graduates from the faculty of Law and Politics in University of Tehran and a group of editors from the faculty of literature in the same university.

Another point regarding the creation of locations within the game and its visual effects is that there exists a diversity beyond imagination in each and every place. As the events of the game take place in two open world environments of Tehran and London, the player experiences the plot line in 25 different locations such as photography centers, boutiques, Retired Officers Associations, Colonel Zahedi’s Mansion in the North, Prison, Hospital, etc. which means that considering the game as an open world genre, the high amount of modeling in this project is somewhat significant.


Different characters and the gamers’ interactions with them have been listed below:


1.     Having no effect on the main character’s process throughout the game


2.     Having a minor influence on the character within a location


3.     Helpful and influential characters


4.     Two playable character in Iran and London


The environmental sounds and acoustic effects are to some extent, inspired by the events during the game such as explosions, fire, ambient, the sound of cars and the game’s cloud system, providing a dynamic city, etc. However, there are other sound effects which are supplementary for the background called “Phonetic”, including the sound of opening and closing a door, running, the low pitch sound of a bullet moving through the air and so on. Another important point regarding the sounds in the game is the continuous music which is played during the game and also goes through changes based upon the amount of excitement of the event that is taking place.


Key Features:

• More than 10 hours of gameplay

• 2 playable characters

• A deep, documentary and multidimensional story with your own choice

• Over 22 major and minor characters with 3000 lines of dialogue

• Open world, very strong artificial intelligence (free driving in London and Tehran 1332)

• Nostalgic environmenting in England and Iran (London and Tehran)

• Environmenting more than 20 interior environments with observance to historical concepts such as prison, military officers’ retirement community, Tehran Gendarmerie, photo studio, clothing store, Shooresh (Uprising) news agency, …

• Strong and documentary film narrative in 15 interludes

• Film narrative inside the game

• Over 100 minutes motion captured animation

• Over 45 minor characters

• Over 8 kinds of simulated cars

• More than 20 minutes of professionally composed music

• Interactive cinematic and exciting directed QTE

• Extra missions based on historical documents

• Engaging and interactive puzzles

• Over 150 full color concepts

• Over 100 linear concepts

• Conceptual design of all the game characters

• This game is an astonishing and documentary narrative which narrates the events happened in Tehran and London; especially the uncovering of the black coup which happened in the Dark years





Coup d’état 1953 Documents




Dr. Mossadegh's government, in the second period of its thirty-month government, from June 1952 encountered with a variety of conspiracy, seizures and street clashes. 19th August coup put an end to the life of Mossadegh's national government. And regardless of financial and economic losses, it was a great blow to Iran's process of democracy and civil society and prevailed despotism and oppression in the country's for 25 years.


The important events of this period includs: cut off diplomatic relations between Iran and Britain, dispute between Dr. Mossadegh and Ayatollah Kashani and some influential members of the National Front on the bill to extend the powers of Mossadegh, the Shah's  cancelling his decision to travel abroad and the murder of Brigadier Afshartus.


Kermit Roozwelt was in charge of carrying the coup plan and overthrow of Dr. Mossaddeq's government


 Following the dissolution of seventeenth parliament approved through a referendum that Mossadegh put it to people's vote, Colonel Nasiri who was ordered by Zahedi, the prime minister appointed by the Shah, to deliver the verdict indicating Mossadegh's removal from his office, was arrested with his persons and equipment. The Shah and Soraya headed to Baghdad fearfully. The wave of protests and people's happiness on days 17th and 18th August were followed, but 19th August the page turned and the house of national leader went under destruction and plunder, and he himself was put to trial and was sentenced to three years imprisonment and was exiled to Ahmadabad village until the end of his life.

























One of the most valuable documents coup black voice, the voice of the imperial TV news announces coup :


This is an hidden article.

Dark Years story highlights


The Dark Years is a third-person adventure game set in an open world. In these types of games, the character is able to move to various places and has different abilities.


Considering the environment and narrative, The Dark years is a revolution in 3D adventure game with biggest environment and amazing story telling. The storyline which is shaped in a precisely documented plot, narrates the Iranian Coup d’état of 1953 and includes more than 25 simulated locations. The emphasis on the simulation means that this game has taken a step forward regarding the environment diversity and we can simply observe the deep historical context within the game. The cities of Tehran and London have been fully recreated and the player takes over the character of a committed Iranian detective during the historical events of that period until the coup, including criminal acts of foreigners against people (the assassination of Afshar Tous, Zabihpour). Moreover, we will observe Doctor Fatemi’s role as the secretary of state in Mosaddegh’s government who established the nationalization of Iranian oil and the role of the old colonialism as Mr. Karimpour Shirazi, The editor of “Shouresh” newspaper. As a result, we can consider The Dark years as the first video game which excels at narrating an accurate documentary of Iran’s contemporary history, while taking all the narrative principles and a unique game play into account. The documents and researches applied within the game will be discussed later. However, before proceeding to the next part, It should be mentioned that The Dark years fulfills its purpose as a video game and by presenting more than 10 hours of gameplay, 100 minutes of motion capture, motion illustration animations and real-time cut scenes featuring more than 22 main characters and 45 peripheral characters, attempts to establish a dynamic connection with the gamer and provides a safe entertainment as well as imparting certain concepts.




Dark Years Game Story Feature: