RSK Entertainment development team:

Emad Rahmani

Project Manager, Director and Chief Executive Officer at RSK Entertainment

Emad Rahmani was born in 1368 (1989) in Kashan. He holds a M.A in Politics; he has managed and directed all of the projects of RSK Entertainment. He, also, has published plenty of game screenplays and essays. He, currently, is the CEO at RSK Entertainment.

Amirreza Abedini

Supervisor of the content control team, and the chief operating officer at RSK Entertainment

Amirreza Abedini was born in 1365 (1986) in Kashan. He holds an M.A in Persian language and literature; he currently works as the supervisor of the content control team and also the COO at this corporation. He started his career in the game-making business since 2009; he also, has published two books and has written 8 screenplays for games.

Mahdiyar Jahangiri

Technical Director at RSK Entertainment

Mahdiyar Jahangiri was born in 1364 (1985) in Isfahan. He holds a B.A in Software Engineering. He works as the technical director at RSK Entertainment. He’s been in the Game-making business since 2003; also, he’s been a Technical Director in some splendid projects and has created more than 10 independent games.

Ashkan Rahgozar

Art Director

Ashkan Rahgozar was born in 1365 (1986) in Tehran. He holds a M.A in Graphics; he is currently working as the art director at RSK Entertainment.

Adeleh Rahmani

Writer and Quality Supervisor at the content department of RSK Entertainment

Adeleh Rahmani was born in 1365 (1986) in Isfahan. She has a PhD in Persian language and literature. She has published several books and articles; she, also, has worked as a game screenwriter and screen editor.

Ebrahim Diba

Manager at Arts department and supervisor of the character modeling team at RSK Entertainment

Ebrahim Diba was born in 1366 (1987) in Tehran. He has an associate’s degree in Graphics; he is currently the manager of the Arts department at RSK Entertainment.

Seyyed Mohsen Moosavi Nezhad

Manager at 3D department of RSK Entertainment

Seyyed Mohsen Moosavi Nezhad was born in 1366 (1987) in Qom. He holds a B.A in Cinema Arts; he has created more than 1000 minutes of Animation and managed all of the 3D modeling projects at RSK Entertainment.

Payam Arabzadeh

Technical 3D-graphics Supervisor

Payam Arabzadeh was born in 1373 (1994). He holds a B.A in software Engineering.

Mohammad Hasani

Game designing Supervisor

Mohammad Hasani was born in 1373 (1994). He is studying Game designing. He has been designing levels for company’s titles.

Seyyed Milad Siyadat

Senior Manager at music department and Chief Financial Officer at RSK Entertainment

Seyyed Milad Siyadat was born in 1369 (1990) in Isfahan. He has studied Civil Engineering and has been conducting sound recording/editing for all of the projects in this company. He is now the CFO at RSK Entertainment.

Soheila Saeed

Narrative psychologist and Production Advisor at RSK Entertainment

Soheila Saeed was born in 1368 (1989) in Rafsanjan. She holds a M.A in Clinical Psychology. Currently, she works as a production advisor for all of the titles of the company; also, she is the screenwriter of “The pursuit of Solace” (Dar Jost-o-juye Aramesh). Moreover, she plays an important role in psychological analysis of Islamic narrative stories.

Shirin Fakhri

Senior Modeler

Shirin Fakhri was born in 1364 (1985) in Behbahan. He holds a B.A in Graphics; she currently works as the senior modeler and quality supervisor at RSK Entertainment.

Aidin Noori

Business Manager at RSK Entertainment

Aidin Noori was born in 1373 (1994) in Mashhad. He is studying Software Engineering. He has 5 years of experience in the field of video games. He was awarded the best referee in Indie developers festival. He also was the editor in chief for Persian Games magazine; has made some simple games and is still making some other.

Nazanin Noori

Translation Manager

Nazanin Noori was born in 1371 (1992) in Tehran. She holds a B.A. in English Language and Literature, and she is studying as a Masters student. She has translated several articles and teen novels.