Coup d’état 1953 Documents




Dr. Mossadegh's government, in the second period of its thirty-month government, from June 1952 encountered with a variety of conspiracy, seizures and street clashes. 19th August coup put an end to the life of Mossadegh's national government. And regardless of financial and economic losses, it was a great blow to Iran's process of democracy and civil society and prevailed despotism and oppression in the country's for 25 years.


The important events of this period includs: cut off diplomatic relations between Iran and Britain, dispute between Dr. Mossadegh and Ayatollah Kashani and some influential members of the National Front on the bill to extend the powers of Mossadegh, the Shah's  cancelling his decision to travel abroad and the murder of Brigadier Afshartus.


Kermit Roozwelt was in charge of carrying the coup plan and overthrow of Dr. Mossaddeq's government


 Following the dissolution of seventeenth parliament approved through a referendum that Mossadegh put it to people's vote, Colonel Nasiri who was ordered by Zahedi, the prime minister appointed by the Shah, to deliver the verdict indicating Mossadegh's removal from his office, was arrested with his persons and equipment. The Shah and Soraya headed to Baghdad fearfully. The wave of protests and people's happiness on days 17th and 18th August were followed, but 19th August the page turned and the house of national leader went under destruction and plunder, and he himself was put to trial and was sentenced to three years imprisonment and was exiled to Ahmadabad village until the end of his life.

























One of the most valuable documents coup black voice, the voice of the imperial TV news announces coup :

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