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Dark Years story highlights


The Dark Years is a third-person adventure game set in an open world. In these types of games, the character is able to move to various places and has different abilities.


Considering the environment and narrative, The Dark years is a revolution in 3D adventure game with biggest environment and amazing story telling. The storyline which is shaped in a precisely documented plot, narrates the Iranian Coup d’état of 1953 and includes more than 25 simulated locations. The emphasis on the simulation means that this game has taken a step forward regarding the environment diversity and we can simply observe the deep historical context within the game. The cities of Tehran and London have been fully recreated and the player takes over the character of a committed Iranian detective during the historical events of that period until the coup, including criminal acts of foreigners against people (the assassination of Afshar Tous, Zabihpour). Moreover, we will observe Doctor Fatemi’s role as the secretary of state in Mosaddegh’s government who established the nationalization of Iranian oil and the role of the old colonialism as Mr. Karimpour Shirazi, The editor of “Shouresh” newspaper. As a result, we can consider The Dark years as the first video game which excels at narrating an accurate documentary of Iran’s contemporary history, while taking all the narrative principles and a unique game play into account. The documents and researches applied within the game will be discussed later. However, before proceeding to the next part, It should be mentioned that The Dark years fulfills its purpose as a video game and by presenting more than 10 hours of gameplay, 100 minutes of motion capture, motion illustration animations and real-time cut scenes featuring more than 22 main characters and 45 peripheral characters, attempts to establish a dynamic connection with the gamer and provides a safe entertainment as well as imparting certain concepts.




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