RSK Entertainment Introduction

“Rasana Shokooh-e Kavir” (RSK Entertainment) has started its career as a professional game-making studio in Adventure genre under the name of “Kahroba-ye Kavir” (K2Gamestudio) since 2006. The company’s first title is “Almas-e Maranjab”, a real, first person adventure game, was published as a downloadable package.  The company also created some titles such as “The Secret of the Tomb” and “The Hidden Treasure”; they also had an unsuccessful cooperation with Sanobar-e Shargh-e Asia (Emperor).

The Year 2009 is considered to be a turning point in the technical atmosphere of RSK Entertainments (formerly known as K2 Studio Games). “A Murder in the Alleys of Tehran, 1933” attracted plenty of critics, review websites and authorities; besides, the offline and online distribution of this title assured the staff to establish the company legally. Another title by this studio, “Sheytanat ha-ye Ali-Mardan” (Ali-Mardan’s Mischiefs) which was considered a hit not only in Iran, but also internationally, helped the company gain its stability and confidence. RSK was on the road to success when it started cooperating with one of the most experienced studios in Iran, named “Hurakhsh-e Aseman-e Haftom”. That was when RSK Entertainment was officially stablished, on March, 2014. The company has been headed to prosperity since its establishment, by the help of God. You can see some of the titles published by RSK Entertainment below:

Almas-e Maranjab (Maranjab’s Diamond), 2006

Ganjine-ye Penhan (The Hidden Treasure), 2007

Raz-e Maghbare (The Secret of the Tomb), 2008

Ghatl Dar Kuche ha-ye Tehran 1312, 2D version (A Murder in the Alleys of Tehran 1933), 2009

Ghatl Dar Kuche ha-ye Tehran 1312, 3D version (A Murder in the Alleys of Tehran 1933), 2010

Sheytanat ha-ye Ali-Mardan (Ali-Mardan’s Mischiefs), 2011

Gorbe Qajari (the Qajari Cat), 2011

Seda-ye Faramush Shode 1 (Forgotten Sound 1), 2011-2014

Masir-e Eshgh, Zire Sefr (The Path of Passion, Minus Zero), 2012

Salha-ye Siah (The Dark Years), 2011-2014

Parveaz-e Dowran (The Flight of Dowran), 2013-2015

Bazi-ye Marg: Kofr-e Khunin (Death Game: The Bloody Blasphemy), 2013-2014

Afsane-ye Jang (The War Legend), 2013-2015

Ghatl Dar Kuche ha-ye Tehran 1394 (A Murder in the Alleys of Tehran 2015), 2014-2015

Ali-Mardan Khan Dar Mologhat Ba Merlin-e Jadugar (Ali-Mardan Khan in the presence of Marilyn, The Wizard), 2014

Enghelab-e Eshgh 1357 (The revolution of Love 1978), 2013-2015

Safir-e Eshgh (The Messenger of Good Will), 2014-2015

We hope that Iran’s Game Industry would improve by the help of the mighty God and all of the authorities. We would be delighted if we were of any help in this industry.






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